Plane tickets? Check. Vacation time approved? Check. Pet travel-ready? Not quite yet.
Our dog, Dawson, will be flying with us this summer.
We have decided to take our dog, Dawson, on vacation with us, and it is our first time traveling with a pet. For most, a boarding kennel or neighbors or family and friends would seem like a great option when going on vacation. However, our destination is central Illinois; home of vast fields and a family camping site.
Since this is our first time traveling with a dog, I have begun to do numerous Google searches and Petco trips. We will be flying with our dog, so here are some rules for flying:
Breed Restrictions
There are breed restrictions for airlines, so you need to check to make sure that your pet is fine to fly. There are other modes of transportation for your animal if you want them to travel with you.
Cabin or Cargo?

Based on the airline that you are flying on, does your dog classify as a “cabin” or “cargo”. This is based on a height and weight restriction. There is a limit to how many dogs the airlines will allow in the cabin, so contact your airline early!

Pet Kennel Approval
If your dog is indeed a cargo pet, you will need an approved pet kennel for your dog to fly in. Again, check with your airline for approved kennels. Most major pet stores will have airline approved pet kennels for your to buy. I would advise to get the kennel early, if you do not already have one, as it will take some time for your pet to adjust to the new kennel.

Age Requirement
Most airlines require that the pet must be at least 8 weeks old.

Health Requirement
American, for example, requires a health certificate for your pet, if they are to travel as checked luggage. This requires a trip to the vet so that they can issue a clean bill of health for your animal. American Airlines requires that the certificate needs to be valid within 10 days of departure date.

We won’t be traveling until July, but there are some things we have already started to get so that we will have a smooth travel and vacation.

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