Today is National Drink Wine Day – and as many Millennials know, a glass of wine is good for us right?

National Drink Wine DayUsually. I like going out with friends, as do most of us. But, this habit can quickly turn into a budget wrenching debacle. $5 or $8 a glass does not seem like much first, but it can quickly turn into $20 or even, “hey let’s split that bottle of wine” and $30 dollars later, you realize you had a great night, but your budget didn’t.

Put a line item in your budget for drinks. 

If you know that you like to go out – by all means, but prepare for it. Better yet, grab a bottle at the grocery store and bring it out with you. Not only can all of your friends go in with you for it, but there is usually little to no un-corkage fee.

Celebrate by staying in.

Sounds boring? Don’t make it – invite friends or your special someone over to celebrate with you. Yes, we could go out to get our drinks but chances are, you have one or two bottles laying around that need to be finished off, right? Make it more of a party by having your party-goers bring snack foods that you can all share.

Know your wine of choice.

If you are not sure of your “preferred” choice, go wine tasting! Take a group of friends out to some wineries and find what variety you enjoy most. If you have a particular type, then look ahead to see if they offer it. Don’t waste your money on a glass that you might NOT even enjoy.

Cheers to a good glass of wine!

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