In case you haven’t read, A Story of a Fuck Off Fund, you need to. It is about empowering women to have an account saved for any reason that she might need to leave a situation her life. If she doesn’t like her job, or be in a situation that could go bad, she doesn’t have to stay – she can leave and use her F*ck Off Fund to get out.

Every girl should have a F*ck Off Fund, and now you need to save for it. Some might use it as an emergency fund or view it similarly. I would recommend saving for 3-4 months worth of expenses for this fund.

Amount: 3-4months worth of expenses

The amount in the fund should cover the basics: rent, utilities, cell phone, student loan payments, etc.

Photo Credit: Tobedadiva
Photo Credit: Tobedadiva

Establish how much 3-4 months worth of expenses equates to

Do some quick budgeting and math to determine the number that you should need. Which bills do you NEED to pay every month? If you are rooming with someone and you needed to move out, how much would you need to live on your own?

Set up an account (only in your name)

I highly recommend setting up an account that only you can access that is easily accessible. The money needs to be easily transferrable, so don’t keep it in your one teller bank at home in the mid west.

Set a goal of the amount you will need and how long you want to achieve it

So say rent is $2000/mo that you split 50/50 making it $1000, bills are $200/mo, and additional payments is $150/mo. Your total would be $1350/mo. You need $1350 each month for, lets say 4 months, you would need $5400 in your F*ck Off Fund.

$1350 x 4 = $5400

You might be just starting out, so let’s say you have a year to build up this fund.

$5400/12mo = $450 a month that you should be setting aside in this account.

Tighten the budget or add some income

To fund this account, there are two roads to take: tighten the budget or get some side gigs. Maybe you cut out your $3 latte that you get 5x a week. That’s $60 a month that you can be adding into your fund.

You could look for side gigs to help close the gap – tutoring, be an Uber or Lyft driver or find odd jobs that your parents would pay you for.

Regardless, having a F*ck Off Fund is a great way to build your financial stability and flexibility. You do not need to have money impact your life decisions because now you have saved for it.

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