The Easter holiday is great and filled with family fun. Easter egg hunts, great meals, new clothes –  did I mention lots of candy? Especially if the weather is good, Easter can be a blissful time of year.

With hiding the eggs, comes a few other hidden costs when it comes to the Easter holiday. We are tempted to buy new clothes because spring is in the air and our outfits need sprucing too. Cadbury eggs, peeps, and many more assorted candies seem easier to buy during Easter, as it is one of the major food holidays. Keep an eye on how many bags you are putting into your cart – treat yourself but keep it to a minimum. Building that Easter basket? Make a budget for how much you want to spend. Don’t let the lure of the inexpensive kids gifts blow your spending. Lastly, as the weather gets warmer, we are more likely to be active outdoors which could mean you budget might take a hit. Here is a more in depth look at some of the hidden costs of Easter.

The Easter Survival Guide: How to Avoid the Hidden Costs of Easter

Tempted to Buy New Clothes

Religious or family obligations means that you might need to check your wardrobe for the perfect outfit. But who wants to do the whole closet clean out when the sun is out? Quick tip: do a quick color coding of your closet. When it comes to spring time events, make it easy to look for bright colors. Pastels are usually a hit for Easter time, so start there first. Don’t be tempted to grab the cute dress on the mannequin in the store, chances are you have a spring time outfit all ready to be shown off!

Get Your Sweet Tooth On

Dentist check up anyone? After Easter, I sure feel like I need one. Time to buy candy for the Easter egg hunt, but of course we have to pick up a couple of our favorite treats too! One, two, three bags later, we find more in our shopping basket than what we came for. Before going to the grocery store, check what you have in your cupboards first. You might already have a hidden bag of candy stashed away from another holiday. Additionally, if you have that sweet tooth, make sure that you have some money tucked away incase of a cavity. These can be upwards of $100, even with insurance!

Gifts Galore

Whether its for your kids, nieces or nephews (or maybe even yourself) Easter is a great time to buy little gifts. When it comes to the lower cost easy-to-grab gifts, remember that this is a retail tactic to make you buy more. You think, “what is another $2 or $3 item?” and then when you get to checkout, you have more than 10 of these “little” items. If shopping specifically for Easter baskets, keep a budget to how much you want to spend per basket. Additionally, take advantage of the day after Easter sales to stock up for next year!

Spring Is in The Air

With Easter, our mindsets start to change along with the weather. We now think we can go out more, enjoy more time with friends, and of course spend a little more money. Take an hour to sit down with your spending and check to see how much you want to spend on dinners and drinks out. The warmer the weather, the looser our budgets get. Be honest and realistic with yourself on how much you will spend and budget appropriately for it. Quick tip: use potlucks as an easy way to get with friends while not taking a hit on your food budget.

The Easter bunny is great at hiding Easter eggs but also great at hiding ways we unintentionally spend our money. Keep some of these at top of mind as the weather changes which could result in a change in our money habits.

1 Comment on The Easter Survival Guide: How to Avoid the Hidden Costs of Easter

  1. Miss Thrifty
    April 2, 2016 at 12:05 pm (9 hours ago)

    My thriftiest Easter was in college. Spring Break was too short to really fly home and enjoy the time so I stayed at my apartment. I spent Easter Sunday at the abandoned apartment pool with my best friend, drinking way too many homemade mojitos! Ah, the perks of living in a region where it never snows!

    You are so right about those little gifts adding up. I’ve banned myself from dollar stores and Target’s One Spot aisles for that very reason!


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