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Brainy Chick Finance Kelly FisherI am Kelly, the red-headed Brainy Chick.

I am a retail strategist and consumer behavior fanatic, who also happens to be a kid-foodie. Anything Mac-n-Cheese, I am in. I have been a personal finance phenom for over 5 years (been featured in CNNMoney and U.S. News) and I love to learn about all aspects of the subject matter. My goal is to make smart, ambitious, professional women more knowledgeable about personal finance.

Brainy Chick Finance was created for young professional Millennials who were looking for a more in-depth resource for their personal finance. My parents were those “Millionaires Next Door” and I found that my personal finance knowledge far exceeded those of my peers. I knew how to invest, what a Roth IRA was, and knew those “secrets” the 1% held. – Just Kidding.

The difference? They want to protect the money that they make, and usually, they share that information with their kids. My parents are self-made millionaire, and I had no idea when I was growing up that they were wealthy.

Brainy Chick Logo While some of my Millennial peers didn’t grow up with a vast financial understanding, I want to share my continuously growing knowledge with them. What better way to grow your finances, than when you become a Brainy Chick?

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