MSN Money released a list of overpriced things that people pay for. Budgets Are Sexy did an assessment, and I figured I would too.

  1. Theater Popcorn – To be honest, I rarely get theater popcorn. Mind you, if someone else gets it, I will definitely grab a handful or two. But, paying roughly $4.50 for popcorn is just crazy talk!
  2. Event parking – So I rarely pay for event parking. If I do, I will try to split the fee with everyone in the car – just fair right?
  3. Printer ink – So I admit. I usually pay full price for printer ink because I buy it when I need it. Well, its time for a new printer anyways… Maybe I will factor in the ink cost when deciding.
  4. Restaurant drinks – Oh yeah, usually one or two during dinner. It is very convenient when the menus never tell you the price of alcohol.
  5. Bottled water – I rarely buy a bottle of water. Recently, I have been trying to drink more water, so I have used a washable
  6. “Gourmet” coffee – Let’s call this “gourmet” hot chocolate. I would say rarely. I recently have switched over from hot chocolate to apple cider at work. I buy the mix and the hot water is free. I spend roughly $2.99 every 2-3 weeks. Not too bad eh?
  7. Restaurant holiday specials – I rarely do these. Now, if there is a coupon, I will definitely bring that along.
  8. Movie tickets – Movies in general, I spend a lot on. I tend to “collect” movies and tv series when I like them. I have build my little hobby into my budget so that I don’t spend to much. Now, on movie tickets specifically, I don’t buy too often. I tend to get a gift card for movie tickets, so I know how much I am spending.
  9. Oil changes – I am not a mechanic, and I won’t try to be. I always hire someone to do this for me. With my last car, I bought the extra service package (so my oil changes are prepaid).
  10. Airport food – So…. I buy candy for the flight or a magazine. Occasionally maybe a Cinnabon if they have it in the airport. I know that it is overpriced, but sometimes boredom takes over and I have to do something about it. My parents adopted a good habit, where they take all of their reading material that they have put off or that has piled up, and take it with them. Now their carry-ons are very heavy to start, but its a great feeling when they have practically nothing in it on the way home.
  11. Ticketmaster fees – I go to about one or two concerts a year. Not too bad, right? Well, I try to search for discount codes to decrease some of the Ticketmaster fees, but sometimes you just get get around those!
  12. ATM fees – I haven’t paid for an ATM fee in years! Wells Fargo is free, and I usually just get cash back if I’m at the grocery store.
  13. Fund management fees – Unfortunately I do pay these. I haven’t quite figured out how to not pay them. Thanks Schawb!
  14. Airline baggage fees – I do pay these on certain airlines. I think checking bags is so much easier than trying to fly with them. I mean let’s face it, trying to fit your suitcase in the above compartments when it doesn’t fit? Not really for me. However, try to fly southwest, as bags fly free!
  15. Hot dogs at sporting events – So I don’t go to that many sporting events, so these are a treat. I won’t spend more than $15 total, usually, so for a game or two a year, I think it is acceptable.

What are your thoughts on these?

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